Turkey missing out on share in $100 bln handicapped tourism market

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Due to inadequate provisions for handicapped individuals, Turkey has been missing out on profiting from the $100 billion handicapped tourism industry, General Manager of Lamira Easy Life Sertel Şen said recently in a press release.

Şen, whose company specializes in providing mobile solutions to individuals with disabilities, argues that the tourism sector in the country — one of the main arteries of the economy — is behind in trying to attract handicapped tourists. He points to the lack of accessibility for disabled persons at most hotels as the reason Turkey is not on the vacation list of such individuals from abroad. He added that the same problem limits the ability of handicapped people in Turkey to travel around the country.

According to Şen, there are 850 million disabled people in the world, about 9 million of which live in Turkey. Research conducted by the University of Surrey in the UK concluded that the spending of 46 million disabled European tourists exceeds $80 billion. Şen stated: “There is a lot to be done for accessibility in the country and the work should therefore begin now. We are ready to share our experience and know-how concerning accessibility with many institutions and businesses.”

He stressed that the tourist activities in which handicapped people can participate need to enriched as the majority of planning the company does revolves around how to increase opportunities and the number of activities available for disabled people. In addition, he called on major players in the sector to cooperate with Lamira to accommodate handicapped visitors.

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